Find Felice Batlan’s scholarship on the Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress) or SSRN.


Inventing Legal Aid: Lawyers, Social Workers, and the Poor, 1863-1945 (forthcoming).

The Birth of Legal Aid: Gender Ideologies, Women, and the Bar in New York City, 1863-1910,” 28 Law and History Review 28 (2010): 931.

“‘If You Become His Second Wife You Are a Fool:’ Shifting Paradigms of the Roles, Perceptions, and Working Conditions of Legal Secretaries in Large Law Firms,” 52 Studies in Law, Politics, and Society 52 (2010): 169.

“Legal Aid, Women Lay Lawyers, and the Re-writing of History, 1863-1930,” in Feminist Legal History, ed. Tracy Thomas and Tracey Jean Boisseau (NYU Press, 2011).

“Gender and the Rise of the Welfare State in Fin-de-Siècle New York City: The Case of Tenement Regulation,” in The Legal Tender of Gender: Welfare in Comparative Perspective, ed. Mimi Abramovitz and Shelley Gavigan (Hart Publishing, 2010).

“Notes from the Margins: Florence Kelley and the Making of Sociological Jurisprudence,” in Transformations in American Legal History: Law, Ideology, and Methods, ed. Daniel Hamilton and Alfred Brophy (Harvard, 2010).

“Not My Mother’s Law School?: A Third-Wave Feminist Analysis of Women’s Experiences in Law School,” (Co-authored), University of Baltimore Law Forum 39 (2009):124 (Lead article, symposium issue on third-wave feminism and the law).

“Weathering the Storm Together (Torn Apart by Race, Class, Gender),” National Women’s Studies Association Journal 20 (2008):163.

The Ladies’ Health Protective Association: Lay Lawyers and Urban Cause Lawyering in Fin-de-Siècle New York,” Akron Law Review 41 (2008): 701 (Symposium issue on women’s legal history 2008).

Law in the Time of Cholera: State Power and Quarantines Past and Future,” Temple Law Review 80 (2007): 53.

Law and the Fabric of the Everyday: Settlement Houses, Sociological Jurisprudence, and the Gendering of Urban Legal Culture,” Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal 15 (2006): 235.

Engendering Legal History,” Law and Social Inquiry 30 (2005): 823.

A Reevaluation of the New York Court of Appeals: the Home, the Market, and Labor, 1885-1905,” Law and Social Inquiry 27 (2002): 489.

A Journal of Her Own? A Historical Examination of Women’s Law Journals,” 12 Columbia Journal of Gender and Law 12 (2003): 430.

Other Publications

“The Development of Women’s Legal History: Substance and Methodology,” Encyclopedia of Legal History (Blackwell, Forthcoming 2013).

Symposium editor and conference organizer, Women’s Legal History: A Global Prospective 87 Chicago-Kent Law Review 331.

“The Imperial SEC?: Foreign Policy and the Internationalization of the Security Markets, 1934-1990,” (2008).

Assistant Editor, Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court (Gale/Macmillan 2008). Responsible for 150 entries on women, gender, corporations, and securities law.

“Timeline of the SEC,” (2004 -2006).

Linda Gordon and Felice Batlan, “The Institutional History of Aid to Families with Dependent Children,” in Major Acts of Congress. New York: Macmillan Reference (2004).


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